Well hello there! 

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  “It’s May already???”

I am thinking this for many of the obvious reasons like, oh my, shorts and tank tops!  or Wow, summer is almost here!  But I am also thinking that because some exciting things are happening for my family this week.  My daughter is turning 25 (say what?!?)  AND we are hosting an engagement party to celebrate my daughter and her fiancé.  All in one week!

I won’t have time to plan and prep my meals, I’ll just grab whatever and start again Monday……

Is this what you would normally say?  Yes, I did too.  But ever since I made my health and wellness a priority I’ve had to ditch the excuses because there were too many Mondays that represented do overs, again and again and again.  I was so used to putting everyone elses needs before my own that I put my own self care on the back burner.   I know you can relate to this because almost every one I coach has done this at some point in their life.

It’s time to try something different, make yourself a priority again!

So with all I have going on this week, today I took one hour and prepped my meals and snacks for the next crazy 4 days ahead of me.  If I nourish my body with simple, clean foods I will be able to power thru this week with out the fatigue, the brain fog, the bloated belly and guilt of grabbing pizza for dinner, yet again.  I have a long to do list today but the one hour I spent in my kitchen will benefit me all week long and push me closer to my health goals.  So very worth it.

Here is what I prepped: 

  • Breakfast will be a protein shake, with coconut milk, greens and berries.
  • Lunch is a salad with arugula, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and feta
  • Dinner is seasoned ground turkey, grilled cauliflower, and roasted sweet potato
  • Snacks are yogurt and gluten free granola, apple with almond butter or veggies and guacamole
  • Morning juice shot of kale, cucumber, ginger and lemon

Things you should know:

I LOVE those meal prep containers that my dinner is in.  They keep all the food separate and store so nice in my fridge.  They are on sale right now on Amazon too!   You can find them here-  http://amzn.to/1TGlFsc

I  usually add turmeric, coconut oil and fiber to my shake as well.  I will drizzle balsamic only over my salad and add either 2 hard boiled eggs or half a can of bpa free tuna in olive oil.  I did not grill the cauliflower, I bought it already grilled and frozen from Trader Joe’s, just heat and serve.  The turkey is white meat only and seasoned with LOTS of flavor and TONS of onions so it has a lot of flavor.  I do not eat much dairy but Siggis yogurt has my heart lately, and its so good topped with gluten free granola.  Pre-portioned Wholly Guacamole saves me from eating too much of a good thing!

So there you have it! Simple easy meal prep to help keep me on track and my stress levels down.  Plus the dress for my daughters party won’t be busting at the seams from going off the rails all week!  And that is important since I’m sure there will be lots of picture taking going on, and lots of smiles and fun too!

Need help with meal prep ideas?  I offer a Meal Planning Strategy Session packed with tips and tricks and recipes.  Drop me an email by clicking here.