When did we start sitting so much?  I NEVER used to sit.  My husband would say I’d go from running around to sleeping, and yet some how the sitting creeped in.

And my weight crept up, slowly but surely.  Up, up, up.

So why as we get older does our weight shift so much?  Why do our rear ends get wider, and suddenly we are winded just walking up the steps?  Most will say it is hormones, thyroid, hereditary or a slowing metabolism.

But maybe it is us who has slowed down, not our metabolism.

I know for me, that when my family was younger, I moved more.  I went to work, I cooked dinner, I ran my kids to all their activities, lugged Lacrosse equipment to tournaments, walked to many baseball fields, basketball games, dance recitals, tennis matches, treasurer for Jr wrestling, volunteering at Jr. Womens Club, room Mom, class trips etc.  The nights were cleaning up, homework, bath/showers and bed time routines.  After all that I would collapse into bed, completely exhausted, wishing I had some time to spend on myself.

It was the craziest, busiest most wonderful time of my life.

So the kids grow up, 2 are adults living on their own, and now I have time to work on me, and things I am passionate about.  Enter nutrition school, which I did almost completely online.  Translation, I was now sitting on my butt for hours every day doing school work on my computer. I was learning all about Holistic Health and self care, all while sitting on my butt, and soothing my stress with nightly wine and snacks.

Hello 30 extra pounds.

I am no longer in school, I exercise regularly, but I still spent a lot of time on my computer running my coaching biz,  posting on social media, and emailing clients.  It was actually 2 of my clients that helped give me my big “ah ha” moment about just how sedentary I had become.  I have a client who is a true inspiration.  She had a lot of weight to lose and she is doing it with enthusiasm and grace.  She showed me her fitbit.  She was smiling talking about tracking her steps and competing with friends.  Her fitbit was really cute too.

I am a sucker for cute things, so of course I ran out and bought one.

I could NOT believe I couldn’t hit the 10,000 steps recommended for daily activity and health!  Five days with this cute fitbit and I wanted to throw it across the room!  Enter my other client.  I was sharing my fitbit woes with her and she showed me her cute fitbit and said, “Hey, I run a challenge of other Fitbitters, it’s fun and motivating, want to join?” A challenge? Oh hell yes! Sign me up!

Knowing yourself well comes in handy, and I know I love a little competition!

Next thing I know I’m getting notifications that Nicole has passed me, or I am only 200 steps behind Gina, and when I hit 10,000 steps its like a little party on my arm with my fitbit vibrating and showing fireworks.  BINGO I’m hittin 10-14,ooo steps a day. Now I know some of you will say oh that thing is not that accurate, blah blah blah.

This little device has opened my eyes big time.

What it did show me was how many hours of the day I spent SITTING.  Sitting is the new smoking in terms of negative health effects. Maybe your weight gain is not just age, or hormones, or hereditary.

Maybe you are just sitting on your butt way too much?  Check in with yourself.

Invest in a Fitbit, or other activity tracking device if you need a little motivation.  Here is the one I have-  http://amzn.to/28M93yj it was worth every penny.  Now get up and get moving!