Did you lose yourself?  You know, somewhere along the way?  The way of making a nice big, successful, happy productive life?

Yes?  Me too.

Do you look in the mirror at the tired, run down, sleep deprived, bags under the eyes, muffin top sporting person looking back at you and think, what happened to me?  Where did the real me go?  Well you, my dear, are not alone!

As women we get so busy striving, achieving, caring for loved ones, volunteering, working, keeping up with the Joneses, doing, giving etc. that we forget about one very important person, YOU!

I did this too, and my body paid a heavy price.

What good are you to your significant other, your children, your boss, your employees, if you are burnt out, exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed, sick, achy, and cranky?  Not very much, I can tell you from personal experience.

I had to make a change.  Maybe YOU need to make a change.

Self care, a term that is tossed around a lot.  I’m sure you have heard it.  What does it really mean?  A pedicure appointment?  Girl time out on a Friday night?  Getting in bed early with a book?  Going to yoga class?  Self care is all these, or none of these but most importantly it is.

Putting your self back on the priority list in life.

You matter.  Your needs matter.  Take some time to think about how you can make yourself a priority again.  It isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

Need help? Contact me, together we can create a plan that is just right for you.