Do you love your morning glass of orange juice?  It might not love you back!

Fruit juice can be just as dangerous to your health as soda, and can stall your weight loss efforts.   I may ruffle a few feathers with that statement but it is not my opinion, it is proven by science.  Think of it this way.  When you sit down and drink 8oz. of orange juice you are consuming the juice of four large oranges.  Think about how long it would take you to eat 4 large oranges vs the few minutes it takes you to drink 8oz of juice.  Also consider the fiber in the whole fruit that is missing in the fructose loaded juice.

Fructose is the main reason fruit juice should not be a staple in your diet, but actually a treat.  In June 2014, a study published in the journal Nutrition found that the average fruit juice’s fructose concentration is 45.5 grams per liter. For soda, it’s 50 grams. Our bodies just can not handle that large a dose of fructose.  Glucose is what our body burns as fuel,  fructose is processed almost exclusively in the liver, where it’s converted to fat. Yes, you read that right.  Your daily glass of orange juice will most certainly be converted to fat.

Some things to remember when choosing to drink a glass of fruit juice daily

  • If you sat and ate 4 oranges, and I don’t know anyone who would, but the fiber in them and the time it would take to consume them would cause your blood sugar to slowly rise up and then down.  Nice and easy.
  • If you drink the juice of four oranges, in a short amount of time your blood sugar will shoot up very quickly and then come crashing down a short time after.  That is when you will feel the need to eat something again, LIKE NOW, because you need another fix, literally.
  • The blood sugar crash I just described actually causes hypoglycemia symptoms, like yawning, brain fog, feeling shaky, that I need to eat something NOW,  feeling.  Insulin levels can not handle the amount of fructose (sugar) in our blood and this will put a lot of stress on your body.

One of the things I help my coaching clients do is identify what might be causing their slow and steady weight gain, or what may be stalling their efforts to shed excess weight.  So often I see that they have become “sugar burners” instead of “fat burners” and a daily glass of fruit juice is something I immediately have them eliminate.  Green juices are a different story, I am referring to 100% fruit juices here.

Are you struggling to lose weight?  Are you on that sugar burning roller coaster where you experience hypoglycemia symptoms that disappear as soon as you consume more sugar or starchy carbs?  Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute discovery session,  and lets see if I can help support you to reaching your goals.  I offer in person or via Skype/phone consults. Reach out to me at-